Why Have We Developed Beyond Tablet?

When I was a child, China was still not very wealthy. My mom bought me a violin with her whole month‘s salary. From then on, music became a part of me. Later on, when I was studying at Stanford University, the experiments were exhausting; while being a consultant at McKinsey & Company, I often worked through the entire night. During those difficult times, my violin was my loyal companion and I could be lost in my own world of music every once in a while. My mother certainly did not know that music learning could help improving a child's cognitive ability. She just gave me the best with all she could afford, all she could think of and with all her love.

Four years ago, my son Jasper was born. This nine pounds little lovely thing reshaped my life and changed my life goals. I started to ask myself what is the best I could give my child? Trained as a scientist, I believed that the best education for my kid should go much beyond conventional views from experts or successful people.

The original intention to invent the “Beyond Tablet” was to give Jasper a fun toy, which did not hurt his eyes and that could be played together with the whole family, as well as an educational platform that integrates the best practices of pre-school education. I envisioned a Beyond Tablet that could inspire Jasper’s interest in music, improve his working memory, exercise his logical thinking and cultivate his self-discipline.

I have been fortunate to build a team of dedicated moms, dads, and parents-to-be who share my vision and passion. Over the past few years, we have grinded our brains, gone through twists and turns, failed, and gone back to the drawing board again and again. We exhausted our abilities and wits; we persisted and never gave up.

We have been motivated by the shining smiles of our children playing Beyond Table games, and we do not want to see them frown when we try to take their cell phones away from them. All we care about is to give our children the best gift we can create.