5 Tips to raise Happy Children

25 Mar, 2017 - Blog

There are a lot of different ways to raise kids and there's not one formula that works for every kid. But there must be some basic rules to follow for parents who want their children to have a happy childhood, right? Yes, there are.

No. 1 Be polite to your children. Try adding the words "please" and "thank you" to your own vocabulary. Do not yell at them. The more you yell at them, the less they are likely to behave. Kids learn how to interact with others mainly by observing how grown-ups do it.

No 2 Let kids fail. Don't try to clean all obstacles from a child's path and create the illusion that everything works out easily. They learn from their failure and build up resilience, which is an important part of their health and happiness through their life.

No 3 Give kids emotional support in the face of a challenge. Encourage them to keep trying and reassure them with constant love. Foster a secure and warm attachment with your kids. That way they know their needs will be met and that they'll have a place to go when they need comfort.

No. 4 Understand that children aren't happy every minute of the day. No one can be happy all the time. Happiness can't be assessed from moment to moment, try to take a long view.

No 5 Encourage kids to play sport or do activities with groups to learn new skills but let them make their own choices.