Yes or No


  • Inhibitory Control ★★

  • Cognitive Flexibility ★★



Multiplayer and competitive, “Yes or No” is an Encyclopedic question-answer game that allows a child to learn and comprehend the world.

1 to 4 players
Ages 4+

  • Children are inherently curious about the world. “What is this?”, “why?”, “is this true?” are kids’ favorite questions and these answers will shape their understanding of the real world;
  • “Yes or No” is an Encyclopedic question-answer game. The game has four difficulty levels: beginner; intermediate; advanced and expert. The game is suitable for a wide age range and can even prove to be challenging to adults;
  • Inherently a competitive game among as many as 4 players, parents could play with their children to make the learning and gaming experience more fun and exciting.

Inhibitory Control:
It is one of the most important aspects of inhibitory control to eliminate the interference of irrelevant information and focus the attention on the objects and information related to the current cognitive activities. Listen to the question carefully; react quickly; eliminate the influence of other players; and focus on the answer are prominent manifestation of inhibitory control.

Cognitive Flexibility:
Learning is an ongoing process. Only a deep understanding of the knowledge can solve various problems flexibly. Eight categories of topics has been involved in “Yes or No” game. Topics are designed from simple ones to complex ones. Players will face random questions and need to use flexible thinking to solve the questions derived from new categories.