The Battle of Submarines


  • Inhibitory Control ★★★

  • Visual-Spatial ★★★

  • Mathematical-Logical ★★★

  • Working Memory ★★



“The Battle of Submarines” is a game that develops children’s multiple intelligences by the simulation of submarines attacking one another with torpedoes.

1 to 2 players
Ages 6+

In the midst of a global war, both the blue and red sides represent two naval forces that encounter each others in the Pacific Ocean. Both sides consist of a formidable submarine fleet. During the night, both sides have sent in their submarines to deploy across the Pacific in advance. An underwater naval battle will begin after daybreak. As the commander of your fleet, your objective is to destroy all enemy submarines to ensure victory. First, you must decide where to deploy your own submarines, and then decide where to fire your torpedoes.

Inhibitory Control:
Players must learn to abide by the game rules, remain focused, and develop a step-by-step method to destroy enemy submarines.

Visual-spatial Intelligence:
Players must understand the coordinate system of a two-dimensional plane, and visualize where the opponent may have placed his or her submarines.

Mathematical-logical Intelligence:
Players must exercise judgment and reasoning at any point in the game to find the most logical place to fire the torpedoes at.

Working Memory:
Throughout the game , players must remember the location of his or her own submarines in order to avoid hitting them.