Monster Crash


  • Inhibitory Control

  • Working Memory



”Monster Crash” is an easy and fun multiplayer game that features crashing monsters with flying eggs.

1 to 4 players
Ages 3+

The magnetic fields of the sun are increasingly unstable. This is an opportunity for the monsters to make mischief. The yellow monsters are leading the blue monsters and the green monsters to set havoc upon the cosmos. In order to keep peace, a great magician has crafted 4 magical flying eggs. With the use of an egg launcher, the eggs can be fired at the monsters to stop them from wreaking havoc. The great magician has given these flying eggs to his small friends and told them that whoever hits the most monsters will become the next great magician. So my friends, grab your egg launchers, keep the universe safe and become the next great magician!

Working Memory:
A simple and fun game at the surface, but players can score higher by remembering what monsters have been already been crashed by other players over the last few turns to create a combo to receive a higher score.

Inhibitory Control:
During the game, a player needs to determine which monsters to crash, as some monsters give a higher score based on the current game status. Self control is also necessary in order to accurately hit the monsters.