Spot the Animal


  • Inhibitory Control ★★

  • Cognitive Flexibility ★★★

  • Visual-Spatial ★★



“Spot the Animal”is a multiplayer visual exploration game, in which players' reaction time ability will be challenged.

1 to 4 players
Ages 3+

Colors, shapes and the different animals come together in various combinations in the world of “Spot of the Animal”. The game requires a child to think in multiple dimensions and be visual and spatially perceptive in order to finish the game in a limited period of time. The game exercises and tests the child's observation, responsiveness, memory and concentration. It is a real challenge for the child's hand-eye coordination, so that children can have a lot of fun in this interactive game, even when competing against each other’s using only their reaction speed.

Cognitive Flexibility:
When trying to find the right animal, a child will be challenged to alternate their behavioral pattern between thinking in colors, shapes and sometimes a combination of both.

Visual-Spatial Intelligence:
During the game, a child needs to quickly process a lot of images and dissect what is seen along the dimensions in the question asked, then find the right picture. This helps to exercise and improve the perception of their visual space.

Inhibitory Control:
When playing, a child develops inhibitory ability. This helps the child to focus on the right animal associated with the right dimensions and learns to ignore what is not relevant to the question posed.