Funny Fruits


  • Inhibitory Control ★★

  • Cognitive Flexibility ★★★

  • Working Memory ★★★



A competitive multi-player game, “Funny Fruits” helps a child develop mathematical thinking.

1 to 4 players
Ages 4+

Mathematical thinking ability is the ability to think and solve problems with a mathematical point of view. Early childhood is the key period of the formation of mathematical concepts and development of mathematical thinking and rational thinking.

Mathematical-Logical Intelligence:
Mathematical logic ability is a higher level of intelligence based on computational power, and is the ability to handle a series of reasoning, recognition patterns and sequences. "Happy Fruits" produces simple or complex topics according to different combinations of different cards. Players need to use mathematical and logical reasoning to be successful when playing the game.

Cognitive Flexibility:
Flexible cognition and thinking can be more effective in helping individuals adapt to new and unpredictable environmental changes. Dozens of different game cards enable a large amount of questions to be formulated. In order to get better results, players need to constantly adjust their thinking.

Inhibitory Control:
Inhibitory control can regulate needs, behavioral motivations and behavioral responses, and thus play an important role in the development of a child’s personality, behavior and rule awareness. In the game “Happy Fruits”, only if a player gets the correct answer to question 1, question 3, question 6 and question 10 can they take cards away from the game map. Players need to suppress their impulses to play the game successfully.