• Simplified and Empowered Parenting

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  • Simplified and Empowered Parenting

    Beyond Tablet games invite participation of the entire family, and enables a learning experience that both simplifies and empowers parenting.

    Human Interaction: Beyond Tablet encourages human interaction, rather than luring children to passively look at screens.

    Children at the Center: We understand a child’s development needs, and Beyond Tablet has been developed with that in mind.

    Quality Content: Beyond Tablet supports comprehensive and systematic learning that is based on world-class learning resources.

    Fun & Excitement: Beyond Tablet makes learning fun, exciting and engaging. This is particularly important for very young children.

    Easy on the Parents: All parents wish that their child will have the ability to exceed their own capabilities. With Beyond Tablet, this no longer requires parents become world-class teachers themselves.

    What's Intelligence?

    Intelligence is arguably one of the most desirable qualities that parents want their children to have. However, what is intelligence?
    The answer is not as clear as one might think. For nearly a century, world-class scholars have put forward a number of theoretical frameworks for intelligence. However, even today, these theories still exist more or less at the level of conceptual framework, without in-depth and unequivocal proof from neurological sciences.

    Many theories of intelligence:

    • Spearman’s Two-Factor Theory

    • Thorndike’s Multifactor Theory

    • Thurstone’s Theory

    • Alfred Binet’s Unifactor Theory

    • J.P. Cubical Structure of Intellect Theory

    • Raymond B. Catell’s Theory of Intelligence

    • Robert Sternberg Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

    • Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligence

    • David Perkins’ Learnable Intelligence Theory


    Key parenting issues:

    What are the most important intelligences for a child to develop?

    How do we evaluate a child's intelligence?

    How could parents help children improve their intelligence?

    Develop 'Ten Intelligences' with Beyond Tablet

    When we were developing the games for Beyond Tablet, we decided to focus on ten intelligences selected from the most renowned theories on intelligence.
    Our choices were based on what we as parents would want to see in our children, not just academic reasoning or theoretical structure. We hope that improving these ten intelligences will help our kids become happier and more fulfilled individuals.

    Executive Function

    • Working Memory

    • Cognitive Flexibility

    • Inhibitory Control

    Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence

    • Mathematical and Logical Intelligence

    • Visual and Spatial Intelligence

    • Interpersonal Intelligence

    • Musical Intelligence

    • Language

    David Perkins Learnable Intelligence

    • Reflective Intelligence

    Robert Jeffrey Sternberg Triarchic Theory of Intelligence

    • Creative Intelligence

    While our games have been developed by following the conclusions from currently available scientific research, the benefits of Beyond Tablet games on brain development have yet to be proven by scientific research. However, Beyond Tablet represents our most sincere efforts as parents and entrepreneurs to create an educational game platform that is both fun to play for the entire family, and one that could potentially benefit the brain development of a child.

    Games and Intelligences

    Yes or No

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    • Cognitive Flexibility ★★

    Happy Tunes

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    • Musical ★★★

    • Working Memory ★★★

    Happy Circus

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    • Working Memory ★★★

    Play Do Re Mi

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    • Musical ★★★

    Tong Tong Cha

    • Musical Intelligence ★★★

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    Music Cube

    • Musical ★★★

    • Creative ★★★

    The Battle of Submarines

    • Inhibitory Control ★★★

    • Visual-Spatial ★★★

    • Mathematical-Logical ★★★

    • Working Memory ★★

    Lost Pyramid

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    • Cognitive Flexibility ★★★

    • Mathematical-Logical ★★★

    Monster Crash

    • Inhibitory Control

    • Working Memory


    • Mathematical-Logical ★★★

    • Reflective ★★★

    Spot the Animal

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    • Cognitive Flexibility ★★★

    • Visual-Spatial ★★

    Funny Fruits

    • Inhibitory Control ★★

    • Cognitive Flexibility ★★★

    • Working Memory ★★★

    Cloud Connection

    Through Apple APP, Android APP and WeChat, Beyond Tablet can interact with a smart phone in real-time.

    Smart phone can help Beyond Tablet connect to WIFI, manage and upgrade Beyond Tablet software, and display Beyond Tablet game data and children's growth curve around ten intelligence areas.

    We are currently developing an app for both iOS and Android devices.