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Discover Beyond Tablet a tablet full of surprises!

18 Apr 2017. Main Category

Beyond Tablet is a large smart tablet without a display screen. Children and families play Beyond Tablet games with physical game maps, cards, blocks, and figurines

5 Tips to raise Happy Children

25 Mar 2017. Blog

There are a lot of different ways to raise kids and there's not one formula that works for every kid. (Read More)

Beyond Tablet Looks to Merge Physical and Digital Learning Games

25 Mar 2017. Main Category

A new entrant into the learning games field is trying to break the mold of the industry by taking the screen out of the digital game environment.

Beyond Tablet Honored with CES 2017 Innovation Award

25 Mar 2017. Main Category

Beyond Screen Limited announced that is has been named a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree for its Beyond Tablet product. It is the world’s first smart tablet without a display screen.

Beyond Tablet to Launch Tangible Game Suite for Children and Families at CES201

25 Mar 2017. Main Category

Traditional board games are so much fun for families, and could benefit children's mental development, such as strengthening their executive functions (working memory, inhibitory control and cognitive flexibility).


CES2017 Innovation Award

CES: International Consumer Electronics Show is the world's largest consumers electronics show, attended by Samsung, SONY, HUAWEI, Intel and 4000 leading technology companies across the world.

CES Innovation Award: the most prominent and prestigious award that is selected annually by experts for all electronics industries (computers, cars, cell phones, televisions, games, etc.).

In January 2017, Beyond Tablet was awarded the CES 2017 Innovation Award. Beyond Tablet is the only honoree for the edutainment for children and the entire family

Beyond Tablet exhibited in the CES 2017 Innovation Award Showcase

The CEO of Beyond Tablet interviewed by TechCrunch TV at CES

“Super clever!” “Amazing!” “Really cool product!” “The possibilities are limitless!” CES attendees from MATTEL, Amazon, SONY, and Nickelodeon reacting to Beyond Tablet.