• Solving three Main-Pain-Points for parents

  • Best of Virtual and Best of Physical Worlds Combined

  • What Is Beyond Tablet

  • Technology Embedded in Beyond Tablet

  • An Original Invention

  • Solving three Main-Pain-Points for parents

    Most parents want their child to be smart, but how to help them achieve this is so much more difficult. Without professional training or prior experiences, parents can easily feel lost or nervous when they try to encourage their child’s development. Modern technology offers a plethora of different solutions, but knowing which one to choose makes it no less difficult.


    Every day after dinner, picking a family activity is always tricky! Traditional toys are great for many reasons. But a child can quickly be bored with them.


    Touch screens are fun, but parents should be concerned about the negative effects on their child because of excessive screen exposure.


    There are so many dimensions to the word “smart” that there is no practical way for parents to know how to assess, nurture and strengthen a child’s many “intelligences”.

    The Best of the Virtual and Physical World Combined


    Today, screens are completely ubiquitous. Screens provide us with so much information – not to mention engaging storylines, beautiful graphics and lively animations. Screens can easily captivate a child’s attention, and steal the time otherwise spent with parents and friends. Is this what parents want? If not, can parents offer an attractive alternative?


    Although screens have paved the way for new ways of playing, traditional toys have retained their appeal. They can be touched; they are three-dimensional and open for group participation for the whole family. The problem is that toys are restricted by the same qualities that make them appealing. Another aspect to consider in this day and age is the environmental impact plastic toys have on nature.

    What Is Beyond Tablet?

    Smart tablet without screen; Tangible game experience; Mutiplayer parent-child game platform

    The technology inside Beyond Tablet

    It has a simple and elegant design, smart and powerful features. It is the first and only one in the world.

    Powerful multi-touch capabilities for smooth gaming and playing

    Beyond tablet has 324 independent touch points, industry average is a fraction of this amount.

    Each and every touch point is pressure sensitive – the strength of your press will have an influence on how the game is played.

    Beyond Tablet can detect and recognize physical objects such as cards, blocks and figurines.

    Beyond Tablet can also detect if you touch an object on the touch surface – you can interact with objects on the tablet and it will know about it.

    Incorporated technologies

    WIFI connectivity with automatic system updates and game data uploads

    MIDI sequencing with the ability to turn capacitive touch data into music

    Bluetooth connectivity that works with Beyond Tablet accessories

    LED lights covering the surface of the tablet that provides visual feedback

    Audio input and output

    Future Proof Technology

    App integration with iOS and Android

    Cloud services

    An Original Invention

    More Than 60 International Patent Applications (PCT)

    Many of them cover critical aspects of human machine interactions based on a tangible game platform and the object sensing and recognition surface embedded in Beyond Tablet (Foundation Inventions; Presence, ID & Proximity; Capacitive Coupling Pattern; Multimodal User Interface; Vertical Applications)

    Several Patents Granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office

    Regarding creating a computer program with physical objects, for teaching children the basic concepts of programming

    Regarding creating digital music with Beyond Tablet using physical objects

    Regarding creating digital music with rich expressive qualities, with the potential to disrupt the digital musical instrument industry

    Regarding blind spot minimization for object recognition with an RF antenna array