What is Beyond Tablet?

Beyond Tablet is a screen-free, multi-user, and kinesthetic learning device. Children will immerse themselves using multiple learning activities via the overlay activity maps that bring curriculum to life. The board itself arrives with four musical games and has a capacitive sensing and object recognition surface, providing soothing haptic feedback to the senses. The value added is when the activity maps and manipulatives come together to provide a unique collaborative coding experience. Children will challenge themselves to reach new levels in mathematics, literacy, programming and musical games that bridge the gap between the curriculum and the confidence children exert while using digital items. Veiled rigor combined with organic academic opportunities through play should be a part of every classroom center.

Technology Inside Beyond Tablet

A capacitive sensing and object recognition surface - more powerful than the touch screen of a smart tablet in many aspects.

A smart and tangible platform - an ideal implementation of educational activities with technology.

A truly original invention - invented from ground up and future-proof.

At Home

Beyond Tablet enables children to engage in organic learning activities, playing with physical manipulatives while collaborating with others.

In the Classroom

At school, Beyond Tablet promotes interactive curriculum for kids to learn, construct, and create.